Question 1. Is Sanctum Australian Owned?

YES - Sanctum is a 100% Australian owned, family run business which continues to research, develop and manufacture locally in the Byron Bay Shire a range of organic beauty products.

Question 2. What Does It Mean To Be Organic?

Sanctum Organic and bio dynamic believes in using the purest of ingredients and processes to formulate the new range.
Whilst Sanctum has always believed in being 100% Pure Natural Therapy with all ingredients being naturally derived and containing no petrochemicals, parabens or fragrances. 
To be truly natural Sanctum has sourced ingredients from companies that practice organic farming and processes.
Organic means working with natural inputs and as little as possible of anything that will cause adverse environmental impact. Sanctum believes that through the certification process and random manufacturing audits provided by a governing body a high standard of organic products will be produced.
All products in the Sanctum range contain over 70% certified organic ingredients, whilst many of the range contains over 95 % organic ingredients. To be certified organic is a guarantee of the purity of products and the integrity of Sanctum.

Question 3. Are Sanctum Products Suitable For Sensitive, Easily Irritated Skin?

When it comes to finding products that work and don't upset the skin, sensitive skin can be very challenging. Use Organic Skin Care products. Sensitive skin may be genetic or occur as a result of environmental factors.
The Sanctum range seeks to restore the skin's own natural balance making it highly suitable for most skin types and conditions. As sensitive skin is easily irritated it is best to patch test any product first and then incorporate it slowly into your skincare regime.
Sanctum products are made from certified organic ingredients and do not contain artificial preservatives, fragrances, colours, dioxins, petrochemicals, mineral oils, propylene glycol, diethanolamine (DEA), phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulphate, aluminium and animal derived ingredients.
Sensitive skin will greatly benefit from taking a holistic approach to your health and well-being. Your skincare regime will be enhanced by focusing on such factors as; reducing stress, eating and drinking well, avoiding over exposure to UV rays and taking time out for sleep and relaxation.

Question 4. Why Would I Choose A Sanctum Product Compared To A Chemical Based Range?

Many ingredients can be labeled chemical free, however, where the ingredient is sourced from and the process used to derive them defines how natural they are.
It is a medically recognized fact that our body absorbs significant amounts of what we put on our skin. With research into the relationship between synthetic chemicals and cancer Sanctum believes using the purest ingredients and processes to formulate their products not only benefit the skin but consumer's health.

Question 5. How Should I Treat Sensitive Skin?

Any skin that is broken or easily irritated should be treated gently. Start with a basic face care regime of cleanse, tone and moisturise. After time you may build up to the use of an exfoliant and/or mask treatments. Every person's skin is different, so it is a matter of working out what works best for you. Treatment products with AHA's are probably best avoided.

Using Sanctum Skincare:
Stage 1: Soothing Cream Cleanser, Tone & Refresh Mist, Moisture Replenish, Firming Eye Balm.
Stage 2: Hy C Recovery Serum
Stage 3: Hydrating Gel Mask
Stage 4: Gentle Face Exfoliant

Question 6. Are Sanctum Organic Products Tested On Animals?

NO - Sanctum is against animal testing and is a member of Choose Cruelty Free (CCF) - an independent organisation that accredits skin, body and toiletry products NOT tested on animals. 
All research and testing is conducted on humans.
Furthermore, we do not use any ingredients that are animal derived and also now have Vegan certification.

Question 7. Why Sanctum Has A Separate Organic Men's Range?

The range is designed for the busy male in mind, infused with the masculine aroma of sandalwood and cedarwood, the six products are easy to use. The stubborn toughness of the male skin causes different problems such as ingrown hairs, increased oil and shaving rashes. 
The Sanctum range is formulated to combat and repair the skin, whilst providing 2 in 1 body and face
products for a simplified regime.

Question 8. Are There Only Some Sanctum Products That Are Organic?

All the products in the Sanctum range contain certified organic ingredients. The OFC our certifier body ensures that all of the range contains over 70% organic certified material, with the many of Sanctum containing over 95% certified organic ingredients.
There are four basic organic ingredients across the Sanctum range Aloe Vera, Calendula, Chamomile and Olive Leaf extract.

Question 9. Why Sanctum Doesn't Use Petrochemicals Ingredients Such As Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oils & Other 'Nasties' Like Sulfates And Chemical Foaming Agent?

Propylene Glycol (PG)is a common humectant ingredient in cosmetic and skincare products. It attracts water to itself preventing creams from drying out. PG is a petrochemical derivative making it a primary irritant which may cause delayed hypersensitivity and contact dermatitis. 
Sanctum alternatives include
; Biohyaluronate, Sodium PCa and Glycerin.

Sulfates, surfactants and chemical foaming agents may be irritating to the skin and include ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate and derivatives of Monoethanolamine (MEA) or Diethanolamine (DEA).
Sanctum alternatives include; Sugar Glucosides and Yucca Cactus Extract.

Question 10. What Is The Natural Preservative System In Sanctum?

The new Sanctum organic range uses a combination of vitamins, enzymes, sugars and herbal extracts to form the antioxidant stability system.
It does NOT contain any nature identical food preservatives which can only be manufactured from synthetic sources or preservatives hidden in terms like parfum. To be certified by OFC ever ingredients must be derived from a natural source.

Question 11. How Can The Organic Hair Shampoo Be Natural And Still Clean Hair?

The Sanctum organic Hair shampoo is formulated to be the purest way to clean and condition the hair. With the inclusion of Decyl Glucoside (derived from maize) and Coco Betaine (from coconut oil) the shampoo will emulsify the dirt and oil on the hair.
Chemical foaming agents are used in most shampoos and body washes and may contain toxic substances such as Nitroamines.
Sanctum alternatives include; Yucca Cactus Extract, Decyl Glucoside and Polyglucoside.

Question 12. Why Does Sanctum Use A Unique, Proprietary, Natural Preservative System?

Artificial preservatives (e.g. parabens) may cause allergic reactions in humans to skincare and cosmetic products. The Sanctum range uses a proprietary natural preservative system which is a blend of herbal extracts fortified with natural antioxidants and vitamins. This helps ensure Sanctum products stay fresh and build on the Sanctum commitment to creating low-irritant, natural skincare solutions.
Please Note: As we do not use any synthetic preservatives Sanctum products require more care and can have a shorter shelf life than products that utilise synthetic preservatives.

Question 13. Does Sanctum Use Artificial Colours Or Fragrances?


Artificial Fragrances do NOT have a place in the Sanctum range. Gorgeous scents can be very enticing and often influence our beauty and personal care purchases. Rather than trade on the power of scent we believe it is more important to keep our products as low irritant as possible, using only 100% natural fragrance blends. All products are lightly scented so they are suitable for sensitive skin, are not overpowering and do not interfere with your choice of perfume or body spray.

Artificial Colours have no therapeutic value for skincare other than to increase the products visual appeal. It is very common to see products coloured to help communicate the "main ingredient" presence/theme - e.g. green colour for sea extracts, peppermint, red colouring for rose. 
These added colours can actually act as irritants and unnecessarily upset the skin. They may also reduce the amount of oxygen in the body. 
The colour of ALL Sanctum treatments occur naturally as a result of the ingredients.

Question 14. What Are Anti-Oxidants?

Anti-oxidants help the body resist free radicals that attack and prematurely age the skin. Free radicals come from the environment and include pollution and ultra violet rays.
You can see a similar effect in the way a cut apple or banana turns brown, or when iron rusts.
Anti-oxidants also help to preserve the shelf life of your product. Anti-oxidants include Vitamins A, C and E and Citric Acid.

Question 15. What Is PH?

Healthy skin has a mean pH of 5.5. This level of ' natural acidity' is responsible for maintaining the skin's natural flora and protecting it against bacterial infection. When this balance is upset the skin is more likely to become affected and create problems such as breakouts, flakiness, redness and dullness.
When the pH level increases, moisture escapes from the skin cells drying out the skin.

The pH level of all Sanctum products* is between 4-7 which makes them suitable for all skin types and conditions, with minimal chance of skin irritation and/or drying out.

Sanctum Skin Renewal Treatment has a pH of 3.5-4.5 due to the highly active nature of this fruit acid peel skin treatment. This level ensures the product may be applied safely to the skin and is effective in exfoliating the skin.

Question 16. What Extraction Techniques Are Used?

Many conventional extracts use heat, alcohol or other chemical solvents such as butylene or propylene glycols, acetone and other petroleum derivatives. The ingredients used in Sanctum products are obtained using the following natural extraction techniques:

Pressed Vegetable Oils
- Extraction occurs with out heat or the use of preservatives
- Oils maintain their nutrients, essential fatty acids, vitamins and unsaponfiables, all valuable skin conditioning agents
- Include; Avocado, Macadamia Nut, Jojoba, Coconut, Olive, Sunflower, Soybean
- Dried herbs/plants
- Infused for a long time, similar action to a tea bag
- Extracts maintain medicinal and nutrient properties
- Include; Calendula, Green Tea, Rosemary, Oak Bark, Black Cohosh, Gotu Kola

Steam Distillation
- Essential Oils and floral waters 
- Retain their therapeutic properties
- Include; Lime, Rosemary, Lavender, Tea Tree, Orange Blossom, Peppermint

Question 17. How Long Will My Organic Product Last?

For optimal results, Sanctum products should be applied sparingly and according to the listed directions. As a guide, Sanctum facial products should last between 3-5 months, body products between 2-3 months, depending on frequency of use and storage conditions.

Question 18. What Is The Expected Sanctum Product Shelf Life?

Sanctum products have an unopened shelf life of 18 months from the date of manufacture, see individual product for expiry date.
All products should be used up between 3-5 months after opening.

Question 19. What Is The Best Way To Store My Sanctum Organic Product?

All Sanctum products should be stored between 5-30C in a dry environment, avoiding direct sunlight. Lids should be tightly secured at all times. Storage inside cars is not advised as temperatures can reach extreme highs and lows, which may affect the quality of the product.

Question 20. How Long Will It Take To See A Difference In My Skin?

You may begin to notice visible results in one week. It is more likely that a noticeable difference will start to appear after three to four weeks of correct and regular use. Results can vary from person to person, dependant upon factors such as skin type, condition and lifestyle factors.

Question 21. What Is The Difference Between Skin Type And Skin Condition?

We are all born with a Skin Type, for example, the colour of our skin, its texture, pore size and the way it reacts to the environment. Skin Types include; Normal, Combination Normal to Dry, Dry, Oily, Combination Normal to Oily.
The Condition of our Skin is developed over time. It may be influenced by external forces such as climate, environment, work and personal life. With this in mind, our Skin Condition can vary over time. Common Skin Conditions include; Sensitive, Mature, Dehydrated and Sun-damaged.

Question 22. I Have Very Dry, Flaky Skin, No Matter What I Use. What Can I Do?

Dry, dehydrated skin needs help from both inside and out. Skin can be dry due to a lack of water or a lack of oil. Your chosen moisturiser will have a difficult time doing its job if it doesn't get the "internal" support it needs, most importantly an adequate intake of water and healthy foods.
In terms of products, you may try including Sanctum Moisture Concentrate (face) and Body Balm (body) as part of your regime. If you suffer from dry, flaky skin it is essential to use an exfoliant first to remove the dead skin cell layers. 
After cleansing and while skin is still damp, apply your chosen moisturiser. This will increase the level of absorption.

Question 23. Why Should I Use A Cleansing Product? Is It Necessary To Cleanse Morning And Night?

It is essential to use a gentle cleansing product (NOT soap) as water alone is not enough to remove all traces of dirt, oil and pollution from our skin. Rarely if ever do we step into the bath or shower and just use water to cleanse our body. Our face is no different. Sanctum Purifying Foam Cleanser and Soothing Cream Cleanser help restore the pH balance and do not strip the skin of essential oils.
These products balance effective cleansing and providing moisture for the skin.

Question 24. Why Can't I Just Use Soap?

Soaps are very alkaline and cause an imbalance in the PH level of the skin. Skin will be left feeling dry and parched as the soap strips it of its essential oils and waxes, or alternatively, the skin will feel greasy as the soap leaves traces of dirt and/or product that coat and clog the pores.

Question 25. Why Should I Use A Toner?

Using a toner should be a quick yet essential part of your skincare regime. After cleansing a toner should be applied within 60 seconds to hydrate the skin and help balance the pH level. Moisturiser may then be immediately applied. The toner base helps the skin to better absorb the nutrients from your moisturiser.

Question 26. What Are The Benefits Of An Exfoliant? How Often Should I Exfoliate?

Skin cells that do not shed naturally become cracked, dry and uneven as they become increasingly exposed to the damaging elements. Exfoliants work to remove these excess dead skin cells to reveal smooth, luminous skin. They should not be used on blemished, broken or irritated skin so as not to spread the problem. Exfoliants should be 'gently massaged' into the skin 1-2 times per week, after cleansing. Sanctum Gentle Face Exfoliant is in a creamy base so it won't dry out the skin. Using an exfoliant prior to your mask treatment prepares the skin and enhances the performance of your mask product.

Question 27. What Are The Benefits Of Using An Eye Treatment?

The skin surrounding the eye has a fine texture and cannot support heavy face creams. Sanctum Firming Eye Balm and Energising Eye Gel have been formulated to focus specially on the eye area utilising gentle, effective ingredients and absolutely NO added fragrances. These products should help you avoid unnecessary irritation and provide your delicate skin with support and moisture.

Question 28. Where Does A Mask Treatment Fit Into My Skincare Regime?

A mask should be used 1-2 times per week to enhance the results of your daily skincare regime. It can be applied at any time; while doing the housework, watching TV or talking on the phone. The best time to apply your mask is following exfoliation.
After using your mask, cleanse, tone and moisturise as per your normal daily routine. "An excellent way to go to the spa without leaving your home". Try Sanctum Hydrating Gel Mask or Purifying Clay Mask.

Question 29. How Do I Know Which Moisturiser Is The Best For My Skin?

Sanctum offers a range of moisturisers catering for all skin types, for use day and night. You may use them individually or in a combination that best works with your skin, remembering that the skin is continuously changing. Over time your skin condition may change resulting in the need to change your moisturiser.

Moisture Replenish - Ideal for Sensitive, Dehydrated and/or Combination Oily Skin - AM
Moisture Balance Oil Free - Ideal for Oily, Combination and/or Acne Prone Skin - AM
Moisture Concentrate - Ideal for Normal to Dry Skin - AM
Hy C Intensive Repair Cream - Ideal for Mature, Dry and/or Dehydrated Skin - AM
Night Conditioning Cream - Ideal for All Skin Types - PM
nb. An oily skin may prefer Moisture Balance-Oil Free.

For more information please refer to your Sanctum brochure or manual.

Question 30. What Is The Difference Between A Day And Night Moisturiser?

Compare your day and night moisturisers and you will find a difference in texture, weight, look and ingredient concentration.
Day moisturisers act as a barrier between our skin and the environment (sun, wind, air conditioning, pollution) providing important hydration and protection from the elements. Sanctum offers a product for all skin types and conditions giving you the choice of Moisture Concentrate, Moisture Replenish, Moisture Balance-Oil Free or Hy C Intensive Repair Cream.
At night while we sleep, our skin naturally rejuvenates itself and benefits from the support of a suitable moisturiser which can enhance this process. Sanctum Night Conditioning Cream is a light, luxurious cream that lets your skin 'breathe' while supporting the regenerative process.

Question 31. How Should I Apply Eye Products?

Eye creams should only be applied to the orbital bone (the eye socket around the eye). If applied to the entire eye, particularly at night, you may experience 'puffiness' as the product can travel or become absorbed by the surrounding tissue and drawn into the eye.

Question 33. Why Is There No Sunscreen In Our Moisturisers?

A moisturiser should be applied morning and night. A sunscreen should be re-applied every 2-3 hours. To continuously re-apply a moisturiser during the day would most likely clog your pores and irritate the skin. To achieve an acceptable level of SPF, chemical ingredients or mineral filters must be included. Our Research & Development team are currently working on creating a product that fits in with our organic certification. We will keep you updated!

Question 34. What Is Hy C?

Unique to Sanctum, Hy C is an age defying proprietary blend of Vitamins C, A and E and Herbal Extracts. There are two products in the range which contain this proprietary blend; Sanctum Hy C Intensive Repair Cream and Sanctum Hy C Recovery Serum.
Sanctum Hy C Recovery Serum is an "absolute anti aging essential" which supports the fight against wrinkles, helps 'plump' the skin and fade age spots/pigmentation marks. A must have for all ages. Best applied after cleansing and toning, morning and night.
Sanctum Hy C Intensive Repair Cream is a concentrated Vitamin C treatment which works on three levels to help; promote cell renewal, hydrate the skin and protect against the ageing effects of the environment.

Question 35. How Does My Skin Benefits From Applying Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant, when applied directly to the skin it helps protect against the signs of ageing, producing a brighter, more radiant complexion. Topical Vitamin C supports;
- Cell renewal
- Collagen and elastin production
- Improved Circulation
- The fight against free radicals that stress and age the skin
- The fading of age spots and pigmentation

Question 36. How Much Vitamin C Is In Hy C?

The way in which the product penetrates the skin is just as important as the amount of product - it goes back to the saying Quality over Quantity.
Sanctum Hy C Recovery Serum contains 5% Vitamin C and Sanctum Hy C Intensive Repair Cream contains 3% Vitamin C. Both treatments contain an advanced, natural 'carrier' agent, Biohyaluronate, which helps deliver the active ingredients more effectively into the skin. The synergy of ingredients in these products make them more effective than others in the marketplace who claim to have 20+% of Vitamin C.

Question 37. What Is Biohyaluronate?

A superior, natural 'carrier' ingredient that 'swallows" moisture into the skin.
As it is applied to the skin it acts as a "carrier" permeating the Basal Cell (upper) skin layer, aiding in the delivery of key ingredients such as Vitamins A, C and E to help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. It also works to "lock in" moisture delivered by ingredients such as Squalane, Macadamia and Jojoba Oils.

Question 38. What Can I Use To Help Fade Age Spots And Pigmentation?

What can I use to help fade age spots and pigmentation?
There are currently three products in the Sanctum range which may assist in fading age spots and pigmentation; Sanctum Skin Whitening Lotion and Hy C Recovery Serum. (See Individual Product Guide for more information). As part of your regime you may also try using an exfoliant 1-2 times per week and always remember to wear sunscreen.

Question 39. Is There Palm Oil Or Palm Oil By-Products In The Sanctum Range?

Is there palm oil or palm oil by-products in the sanctum range?
We consciously source all of our palm oil and its derivatives from sustainable plantations in Brazil, South America. We understand the plight of Apes & Orang-utans in Asian based countries, so we have ensured that our palm oil is from farms that have been functioning for over 50 years in Brazil. The main products with palm oil is our certified organic soap.