The Sanctum Organic Difference

Certified Organic since 2006!

Here at Sanctum we have been making 100% natural skin care since 1992. We followed closely the rise of Organic skin and body care with interest and in 2005 we reformulated our entire range to become certified organic in 2006.

We did not want to just jump on the bandwagon and be seen as another organic player in the market with some products organic and some not. Nor did we want to risk jeopardizing the standards of the products we produce as we have found that some organic products currently in the market place do not feel, smell or look like main stream skin and body care products. Some companies have one organic certified product and declare their whole range to be organic.

We believe that only certified organic companies can truly call themselves NATURAL as the certification process and random manufacturing audits separates the truly natural companies from the rest.

Yes, it would have been easy for us to follow others down this path and have products on the shelf that fall apart and smell "funny" after a few short months. However, it was important to us that the integrity of our product was NOT to be compromised under any condition. It is also important to us that there is TRUTH WITHIN LABELLING as many other brands state they are natural, organic or have organic ingredients and after carefully scrutinizing their ingredient list they are not!

As the demand increased for more organic food, the market of suppliers and growers of organic raw materials also changed. Ten years ago, what you could purchase organically for skin and body care was extremely limited, now there are many more natural and organic ingredients available which allows us to create quality skincare products that are also certified organic.

The product’s integrity is just as important to us as the percentage of organic content. For example, back in 2005 we looked at our Hy C Serum and could have made it 95% certified organic, however that meant we needed to reduce some of the active ingredients (vitamin C). We chose to keep the therapeutic amount of vitamin C and made a conscious decision to achieve as much organic content in each product as possible, but without the reduction of quality.

We have scanned the world for organic ingredients and now buy from Asia, South America, South Africa, Australia, Europe, etc, and where possible purchase from FAIR TRADE producers in underdeveloped communities. It has not simply been a matter for us to go organic as each product had to have its ingredients carefully assessed for a change from non organic to organic.

Did you know there are in fact 3 classes of organic products recognised around the world? 

These are as follows, for products that are:
1. Under 70% organic content are to be described as non organics
2. Over 70% is described as containing certified organic ingredients
3. Over 95% organic content can be termed certified organic

The balance of the formula, not including water and minerals, MUST be of natural origin and therefore can not include ingredients such as normal preservatives eg. Parabens, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate, etc. nor should the preservatives be hidden in terms like Parfum.

In the method of calculation, water and minerals are not included (this is why you can get certified lip stick and mascara). All Sanctum products are now over 70% with many over the 95% threshold. We have not sacrificed any quality in achieving this, just time and careful formulation work. We chose organic raw materials carefully and have still maintained medicinal levels of active properties selected for functionality in our products.

As the labelling standards in Australia are open to all sorts of interpretation, some of the label claims on products on the shelf here reflect anything but what is in them. You can just about call everything "organic" and get away with it except if you wish to export. This is where there are rules and laws which are policed by AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) to help protect Australia's good name in overseas markets. To export any products and claim it to be organic you must be a certified organic processor/grower and have your manufacturing facility and your formulations approved by an AQIS approved certifying body. There are numerous certifying bodies in Australia which can audit manufacturing facilities and approve products. All these organisations come under the control of AQIS a Federal Government Department which sets the Government legislation that everyone must abide by.

There is no national standard for skin care or cosmetics at this stage, so classification must be under the "National Food Standard for Organic and Bio-dynamic Produce".

Sanctum has certification through the Organic Food Chain Pty Ltd and proudly bears their logo on all our products which gives you the confidence that you are buying a product that is truly organic by nature.

It's what's inside that counts.